About us

Founded in 1976, Labtech Corporation has emerged as a leader in the manufacturing and blending of quality chemical products. As one of the largest chemical manufacturers in Michigan, Labtech is able to use their size and reputation to negotiate the best prices for raw materials and pass those savings to its toll blending clients and customers. Labtech provides mixing of custom chemicals that meet the needs of a large variety of industries. These specialty chemical formulations are used in manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and institutional applications. Labtech also manufactures cleaning and degreasing products that are powerful, yet safe. Labtech manufactures and delivers to customers all over the world including China, Mexico, Canada, Uzbekistan, Japan, Germany, Israel and almost every state in the US. Our large 80,000 feet of chemical blending and storage facilities gives us the volume and the processing power to handle toll blending and custom chemical services to companies large and small. Labtech uses their years of experience to give you a product blended to your exact specifications. Labtech maintains a promise to provide a service that is economically priced as well as environmentally friendly as possible. Our facility is designed with safety in mind. We use air scrubbers to clean the facility and do not release any chemicals into the environment. Labtech Corporation truly has a passion for their toll blending, chemical blending, and chemical packaging services. All of our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and we are happy to discuss your chemical needs and offer a free estimate for our services. Whether you are in Shanghai, China or right here in Detroit, Michigan, Labtech can create, store and deliver chemicals and chemical products to you or your customers. Our services are affordable, efficient, and discreet. Toll blending specialists Labtech Corporation provide custom chemical services from the Midwest and deliver worldwide.

Our skills

  • Metal Treatment
  • Powder Manufacturing
  • Custom Formulation

Our services

  • Toll Blending
  • Private Labeling
  • Chemical Distribution

Our values

  • Product Quality
  • Fair Pricing
  • Environmental Awareness